Shared Pathway – Yakapari Seaforth Road, Seaforth

Shared Pathway – Yakapari Seaforth Road, Seaforth

This project formed part of continual planning for footpath infrastructure for the Mackay Regional Council Sustainability Strategy 2017-2022.  The new footpath predominantly provides access for school students, both walking and riding their bikes, to travel safely to and from school along Yakapari-Seaforth Road, Seaforth.

The shared pathway was a mixture of asphalt, concrete and boardwalk structures.

  • 4 Composite fibre structure boardwalks including driven and bored piers, constructed across 4 separate waterways.
  • 4 km of asphalt surfaced pathway

Seaforth Civil supplied all labour, plant, material, supervision and survey for this project.  Scope included:

  • Survey set out;
  • Location and identification of existing services, protection of existing services and infrastructure;
  • Demolition and removal of required existing structures;
  • Installation of new structures and connection to existing network;
  • Restoration of all disturbed areas;
  • Construction of unbound pavement and asphalt surfacing;
  • Construction of property drainage across footpath;
  • Concrete works;
  • Extensions to existing drainage pipe culvert structures;
  • Supply and installation of pavement markings and signage;
  • Restoration of all disturbed areas;
  • Compilation and submission of As-Constructed documentation;

The new shared pathway is a fantastic sight as you approach Seaforth as it rolls through the trees, and the boardwalks provide a striking picture where they span the waterways.

The pathway provides a safe passage for schoolchildren to travel from the main community to the school, and provides a much anticipated recreational facility for all local residents to walk, run or ride that has been used and enjoyed since the day of opening.




Mackay Regional Council


Seaforth Civil


December 2021