Mackay Riverside Revitalisation Project

Mackay Riverside Revitalisation Project

Working for Woollam Constructions, Seaforth Civil were involved with the civil construction aspect of the new Riverside Revitalisation project.  Located along River Street, stage 1 of the project focusses on developing an underutilised former wharf area into a new riverside destination.  The enhancement of the area will allow the Mackay community to access and enjoy the amenity provided by the Pioneer River.

Seaforth Civil’s involvement in the project covered the following scope:

  • Bulk earthworks and riverbank scour protection/erosion control.
  • Water and sewerage reticulation.
  • Underground stormwater and irrigation.
  • All underground electrical and comms pit to post and feature lighting.
  • Concrete and bitumen pavements including decorative finishes.
  • Installation of street furniture and public safety devices.

Project completion:



During construction:




River Street, Mackay, Queensland


Woollam Constructions


Seaforth Civil


January 2023