Industrial Dam Drying Slab – Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

Industrial Dam Drying Slab – Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal

For environmental reasons, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) must ensure the retention and collection of water borne coal fines at its terminal.  After a number of drains, dosing plant, dams and collection pits, the fines are extracted and dried on a concrete drying slab.  In 2022 it was identified that the current drying capacity needed to be increased.  DBCT engaged Seaforth Civil to construct the new drying slab and retaining wall.

Project included:

  • Removal of existing concrete retaining wall;
  • Earthworks including removal of material and supply and import of approved fill material and grading of surface levels to design;
  • Construct new concrete slab adjacent to existing;
  • Construct retaining wall including drainage system;
  • Backfill to tie-in to existing road.


Dalrymple Bay, Queensland


Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal


Seaforth Civil


August 2022